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Payment & Delivery Method

Payment Method

Payment Method

Credit card: Visa, JCB & Master Card

Delivery Method


Delivery country and lead time

Deliverable countries: Asia, Oceania, Europe, USA, Central and South America, Africa.

Delivery lead time: Due to the different working days required for delivery at each location, delivery time is as follows.

:: Malaysia Delivery (7-10 days)

:: Singapore Delivery (7-10 days)

:: Europe Delivery (15-20 days)

:: Other Country Delivery (15-20 days)

For other countries, please search on this link

myBRA uses international express delivery to perform distribution services for overseas members. Due to the different service scope of each district, please pay attention to the following items when filling in the address:

1. Cannot be delivered to the P.O. Box address.

2. If the delivery area is a remote area, international express delivery will increase the service fee in remote areas.

3. If the return is made due to the address of the undelivered delivery service, the returned order will be cancelled and the original return balance will be refunded after deducting the return shipping cost.

4. In order to deliver the goods to you more quickly, if your receiving area is in China, please fill in the simplified Chinese for the recipient information. If you are in other overseas regions, please fill in the English, thank you for your cooperation.

※ Intimate reminder:

If the goods encounters an unexpected situation and cannot be sent to you within the above time, it will be notified in advance. In order to prevent the mobile phone data from being incorrect that we cannot contact you. Please fill in the email as the contact information.

In order to protect the rights of all members of myBRA, if the order is not picked up/rejected once, the system will suspend the member's purchasing. After clarifying the reasons, we will open it again. Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

Free shipping:

Malaysia(West MY) - Shipping Fees NT$211, Free Delivery over NT$2,113 per each order.
Malaysia(East MY) - Shipping Fees NT$246, Free Delivery over NT$2,465 per each order.

Singapore Free Delivery on NT$9,000 per each order.

Europe Free Delivery on NT$15,000 per each order.

Other Countries Free Delivery on NT$21,000 per each order.

:: Europe: Germany, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania.

:: Other Countries: The United States, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, Japan.

*After the order is placed, can I change the delivery address?

If the address is found to be incorrect after shipment, the delivery must be cancelled, and the actual return shipping cost and the customs duty of the two places will be deducted, and then the original order balance will be returned.

If the address is found to be incorrect after shipment, you need to change the address distribution. The relocation fee will be absorbed by you.

If the original address is incorrect, the contact number is incorrect or the contact person fills in the details, the package cannot be delivered successfully, and the contact cannot be contacted within the notice day. The package will be returned in the form of return. We will notify you by email. The returned order will be cancelled and the original order balance will be refunded after deducting the actual return shipping cost and the tariffs of the two places.